Acrylic is a light weight plastic which offers many of the benefits of glass, such as high optical clarity and excellent scratch resistance, while remaining easy to machine in complex shapes. In addition to transparent clear material, which is often used for providing protection and general appearance, we offer colored materials for contrast enhancement and diffusion filters for LCD back lights. The filters can also be supplied with silkscreen printing or self adhesive tape for easy effective installation.

Surface Finish


A cast acrylic sheet with a standard gloss finish.


A cast acrylic sheet with a dispersive etch to eliminate surface reflections. Suitable for applications with bright overhead lighting or exposure to direct sunlight.

Diffusion Acrylic Filters offer highest possible light transmission and controlled dispersion of light

Contrast Acrylic Filters

Contrast filters are used to provide the greatest possible degree of readability of visible light from displays and monitors. This is done by adapting the contrast filter's transmittance to the wavelength of the light emitted from the display, so that secondary light is blocked. The narrower the transmittance curve in the desired wavelength region, the greater the contrast.

Typical applications include LED, Vacuum Fluorescent and Electro-luminescent displays, where the filter accentuates the color of the emitted light, making the back of the display appear darker.

A standard range is available but specific colors can be matched.

Diffusion Acrylic Filters

Diffusion filters are typically used for back-lighted LCD in which a combination of the greatest possible light transmittance and a controlled dispersion of light, diffusion, is required. The diffusion filter is placed close to the light source so that diffusion occurs before the light hits the LCD modules. With a diffusion filter, a maximum amount of light is distributed to the LCD, and only a minimal amount of parallel light leaves the filter.

Optical acrylic material is available in sheets or can be machined to your drawing.

Standard Sheet Size (mm) Up to 980 x 1480mm depending upon thickness and surface finish
Standard Sheet Thickness (mm) 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0