EMC windows/MRI rooms

Shielded Windows for EMI, MRI, EMP and Shielding rooms that combine maximum visibility and good cosmetic appearance together with excellent shielding effectiveness.

Installation has been made easy with production of ready glazed framed units in large window dimension. Optical Filters carries installation ready packages in stock and ready for delivery.


Optical Filters are experts in the development and manufacture of shielded windows.

Our EMI/RFI shielding windows eliminate the traditional poor light transmission and difficult cosmetic effects making them ideal for use in buildings and special rooms such as:

  • MRI body scanning and sensitive medical operation rooms with shielding of =100dB from 10 to 100HMz
  • Data interception protection for Industrial, Commercial, Civilian and Government authority buildings
  • Shielding in Military communication and operation centers.
  • EMP (electromagnetic pulse) hardening and protection


Cosmetic presentation and quality appearance is highly valuable for all applications, the window is a highly visible aspect of the complete technical installation and Optical Filters windows have clear benefits to the users:

  • Clear visual communication between staff and patient in medical applications is of high psychological importance reducing claustrophobia and improving patient observations.
  • Optical Filters windows will complement and enhance the appearance of the complete installation.
  • Due to the rugged laminated construction, regular maintenance is no longer required and the installation will continue to work and look good far longer than non-laminated windows.

The clear visual appearance and distortion free view is shown above in this double mesh window and framed demonstration unit.


High quality woven wire mesh is optically bonded between glass layers in full clean room conditions. The lamination process uses index matched adhesive providing the high optical quality and light transmission. In addition to the reduction of electromagnetic interference, the full optical lamination construction improves thermal, acoustic and mechanical strength for extra safety.

Two laminated windows are glazed in units with thermal and optical separation. Extended mesh is folded into the frame and then contacted between the copper flange and the shielded wall for optimum EMI termination.

A corner detail of the window, frame and copper flange termination.

Standard window sizes are available for quick delivery. Different sizes and configuration are available to order.

Windows can also be supplied solely for customers who wish to do their own framing and integration, please contact us for a detailed quotation and specification.

Below is a test certificate showing the 100db+ shielding effectiveness from 10 to 100Mhz for a double window MRI installation using Optical Filters EMI windows.