Touch Screens

Optical Filters specialise in the enhancement of all types of touch screens for use in non-standard applications. Our expertise in optical lamination, EMI shielding and display enhancements means we can customize the sensor to meet your specification.

All Of Our Touch Screens

EMI Shielded

EmiClare is the leading name for EMI /RFI shielding touch screens. We make touch screens EMC compliant for medical, military and Shielding applications by the integration of low resistance ITO coatings, fine wire mesh and micro-replicated LaserMesh or MicroMesh.


Optical lamination to the display and/ or the integration of a strengthened glass layer toughen the touch screen to resist vandal attack in public information displays and improves durability in extreme applications.

Sunlight Readable

Touch screens displays with higher brightness and low reflectivity are more readable in sunlight. Solutions such as polarisation, anti-reflective films and optical bonding improve the contrast ratio and brightness of the touch screens.

Transparent Heaters

Used to de-frost, de-mist and maintain optimum operating temperatures in cold and severe climate. ThermoClare is an ITO coated transparent heater which can integrated to the rear of the touch screen.