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Viz-Bond™ Optical Bonding for Displays

Using our background of over 25 years in display enhancement and other display bonding options Optical Filters has developed Viz-Bond™, a wet bonding system that cures to a gel, to deliver a cost effective, scalable system in which the components are processed at ambient temperature without the use of vacuum, temperature, pressure and need for multiple tooling.

Sunlight readability and environmental performance such as impact, shock, temperature and humidity are delivered at new levels of performance through full optical bonding with the Viz-Bond™ system

Viz-Bond™ cures within the wave length of 390-500nm and can therefore cure through a polariser and materials containing UV inhibitors. The system can also cure behind edge masks up to a 20 mm (3/4”) width.

With automated dispensing, this re-workable system is reliable and scalable to large volumes.

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